Prep | 1st XV Rugby team wins the St. John’s Super 8 Tournament


Our 1st XV Rugby team participated in the St. John’s Super 8 Tournament. We did exceptionally well, winning the tournament. The results were as follows: Vs Heritage won 19-0 Vs Gateway won 5-0 Vs Hellenic won 15-0 Semi final vs Highlands won 15-0 Final vs Gateway won 10-0 Connor Lovatt won best backline player of the tournament.Well done to the following boys for making it into the Harare Provincial team: Ethan Cocksedge Tanatswa Ndimutseyi Brandon Chiremba Joshua Green Khule Nduku Marcus Eckard Connor Lovatt Samuel Blinston Rory Honey Ethan Ridley Zachary Covill. Good Luck at the Inter-provincial Tournament.HockeyOur Senior Hockey Teams [...]

Prep | 1st XV Rugby team wins the St. John’s Super 8 Tournament2019-06-27T14:46:03+02:00

Prep | Sports Results (7 June 2019)


Rugby Our Rugby teams has a whole load of fixtures over the week. Last Saturday all our teams Played against Ruzawi. The results were as follows: 1st Team won 17-7 2nd Team won 36-7 3rd Team won 42-0 Colts A lost 5-7 Colts B lost 17-7 Colts C Colts D won 26-7 Colts E won 22-5 Grade 3A drew 7-7 Grade 3B won 25-0 Good round of matches! The results for the rest of the week were: 1st Team vs Heritage: won 31-10 3rd Team vs Heritage 2nd Team: won 27-5 Colts A vs Alex Park: won 42-5 Colts A vs [...]

Prep | Sports Results (7 June 2019)2019-06-27T17:02:54+02:00
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