Our 1st Team played against St. Aiden. The results were:
St. Aiden 116 all out
St. John’s 118 for 4
Connor Lovatt 42 runs
Khule Nduku 23 runs
St. John’s won by 6 wickets

1st Team vs Zengeza
Zengeza 108 for 9
Rory Honey 2 for 18
Samuel Dawson 2 for 7
St. John’s 109 for 4
Connor Lovatt 51 runs
St. John’s won by 6 wickets

1st Team took part in the Lilfordia Day/Night cricket tournament.
Game 1:
vs Lilfodia
St. John’s 91 for 3
Rory Honey 36 runs
Lilfordia 82 for 7
Daniel Erasmus 3 for 4
Sean Price 3 for 21
St. John’s won by 9 runs

Game 2:
Vs Hellenic
St. John’s 113 for 2
Ethan Ridley 48 runs
Josh Littlewood 35 runs
Hellenic 70 for 9
Daniel Erasmus 3 for 8
Sean Price 2 for 12
St. John’s won by 43 runs

Game 3:
Vs Hartmann House
Hartmann 65 for 8
Daniel Erasmus 2 for 7
Rory Honey 2 for 9
St. John’s 126 for 3
Connor Lovatt 46* runs
Rory Honey 40* runs
St. John’s won by 7 wickets

After the group games we played against Ruzawi in the finals.
St. John’s 41 for 1
Connor Lovatt 16* runs
Ethan Ridley 12* runs
Ruzawi 33 for 4
St. John’s won by 8 runs

Congratulations to Rory Honey for winning the best all rounder & Daniel Erasmus for winning best bowler of the tournament.

2nd Team took part in the Alex Park Super 8
vs Hartmann House won by 8 wickets
vs St. Aidens lost by 10 wickets
vs Westridge drew.

Semi finals vs Zengeza lost by 7 wickets
3rd/4th place vs St. Aidens lost by 9 wickets
Overall Came 4th.
Luca Spagnuolo won best allrounder of the tournament.

2nd team vs Sharon 1st Team
Sharon 100 all out
St. John’s 103 for 4
Ethan Cocksedge 23 runs
James Manning 29 runs
St. John’s won by 6 wickets

3rd Team vs Pathway 1st team.
St. John’s 187 for 5
Lee Chigumba 50* runs
Pathway 24 all out
St. John’s won 163 runs

4th Team vs Sharon 2nd Team
Sharon 31 all out
Murray Macdonald 3 wickets, Callum Smith 3 wickets, Cameron Macnab 3 wickets.
St. John’s 32 for 1 Judah Searle 25* not out
St. John’s won by 9 wickets

Colts A vs St Aidens
St. John’s 160 for 3
Shaylen Parmar 29; Shivaan Chouhan 25 runs;
St. Aidens 96 for 7
Mathew Johnson 3 for 0
St. Johns won by 64 runs.

Colts C v Sharon Colts B
Sharon 25 for 9
Simba Zvandasara 3 wickets
St. John’s 26 for 1
St. John’s won by 9 wickets.

Grade 3B vs Ruzawi Grade 3B
Ruzawi 83 for 6
Robert Collocott 3 wickets
St. John’s 86 for 4
Kholwani Nduku 20 runs
St. John’s 6 wickets


Our 1st Team took on lilfordia Girls 1st Team. We won 12-0.
2nd Team played against Bishopslea 1st Team. St. John’s lost 3-9
1st Team this week played agains tour 2nd Team. 1st Team won 10-2


Well done to our Archery Boys who took part in the Peterhouse Tournament.
Our boys did extremely well who came 1st overall.
Well done to Zach Summers Best Junior Boy & Reilly Masterson Runner-up Junior Boy.

Well done to Callum Smith. He did his level 2 chanter/ bagpipe exam. He achieved 99%.

Well done to Tyler Themistocleous who has been awarded the National prize in the Visual Art Festival.