Our 1st Team and Colts A travelled to Bulawayo this past weekend.

1st Team vs Whitestone 1st Team

St John’s 125 for 8

Mark Ewing 21 runs; James Manning 41 runs

Whitestone 103 all out

Hayden Saunders 3 for 6

St John’s won by 22 runs


The 1st team then travelled to Falcon for the Falcon Festival. They exceptionally well winning the tournament.

SJP vs Musikili won by 18 runs

SJP vs Bryden won by 68 runs

SJP vs Carmel won by 36 runs

SJP vs Whitestone lost by 1 wicket

SJP vs Kyle won by 34 runs




SJP vs Lilfordia won by 4 wickets.


The boys showed great determination and never gave up.


The Colts A had 2 matches rained off unfortunately but managed to play 2 more matches against Bulawayo Select and Emakandeni School.


Colts A vs Bulawayo Select

Bulawayo Select 46 for 7

St John’s 55 for 4

Nathan Van Rooyen 24 runs; Peter Sanders 18 not out.

St John’s won by 6 wickets


Colts A vs Emakandeni School

St John’s 79 for 9

Brendan Kalonga 37 runs; Nathan Van Rooyen 19 runs

Emakandeni 52 all out

Theo Cochrane 2 for 10; Nathan Van Rooyen 3 for 11

St John’s won by 21 runs.


St John’s 3rd and 4th Team played against St. Michaels 1st and 2nd Team.


3rd Team vs St. Michaels 1st Team

St. Michaels 1st Team 88 for 5

Jude Rudland 3 for 10 runs

St John’s 79 for 5

Liam Klinkert 25 runs

St John’s lost by 10 runs


4th Team vs St. Michaels 2nd Team

St John’s 72 for 5

Biswa Parinda 10 runs

St Michaels 4th Team 36 all out

Biswa Parida 5 for 4 runs

St John’s won by 26 runs.


Colts A vs Twin Rivers Colts A

St John’s 176 for 6

Nathan Van Rooyen 50 not out; Fabio Kelly 22 runs

Twin Rivers 39 for 9

Nathan Van Rooyen 3 for 1; Raphael Shenje 2 for 2

St John’s won by 123 runs



Colts B vs Twin Rivers Colts B

Twin Rivers 52 all out

Otis Shonai 3 for 14; Myles Musendekwa 2 for 1

St John’s 53 for 5

Otis Shonai 20 runs

St John’s won by 5 wickets


Grade 4A vs Barwick Colts A

St John’s 72 for 4

David Croxford 23 not out; Christian Zeimann 19 not out

Barwick 49 for 7

Noah Mitchell 3 for 11

St John’s won by 23 runs