Due to some rainy weather we had some cricket fixtures that had to be cancelled this past week.

Fortunately, we did manage to play some matches away at Ruzawi over the weekend, but home matches were cancelled.


4th Team vs Ruzawi 4th Team

Ruzawi 44 all out

Cameron McNab 3 for 8 runs

St. John’s 49 for 6

Tadiswa Munaiwa 15 run, James Torr 15 runs

St. John’s won by 4 wickets


Colts C vs Ruzawi Colts C

St. John’s 85 for 6

Noah Mitchell 33 runs

Ruzawi 65 for 5

St. John’s won by 20 runs


St. John’s Colts D vs Ruzawi Colts D

Ruzawi 53 for 7

St. John’s 54 for 2

St. John’s won by 8 wickets


Our Colts teams played against Lilfordia on Monday.


Colts A vs Lilfordia Colts A

Lilfordia 40 all out

Theo Cochrane 3 for 3; Fabio Kelly 2 for 10

St. John’s 41 for 2

Tawanda Nduku 16 runs

St. John’s won by 8 wickets


Colts C vs Lilfordia Colts B

Lilfordia 70 all out

St. John’s 70 for 8

Match Drawn


Colts D vs Lilfordia Colts C

St. John’s 74 for 4

Lilfordia 74 for 3

Match drawn



We took a team of 44 boys to the Chisipite Duathlon on Friday 7th February. Other school that also competed were:

Chisipite, Hellenic, Lomagundi and Lilfordia.




Matt Dawson 2nd Place

Jamie Winskill 3rd Place


Under 10

Jonah Sanders 1st overall in Juniors and 1st in age group.

Curtis Gwata 3rd Place


Under 11

Matthew Hilderbrand 1st Place



Under 12

Karl Van As 1st Place

Malachi Mafunga 3rd Place


Under 13

Rohnan Nicholson 1st Overall in Seniors and 1st in age group

Callum Smith 2nd Place