Our 1st Team played against Barwick. We played a tough game and lost 15-17.
Then our 1st team played Hartmann House in a curtain raiser at St. Georges and we drew 17-17.
2nd and 3rd Team played against St. Michaels 1st and 2nd Team.
2nd Team won 10-7
3rd Team won 47-0.
3rd Team played against Gateway 2nd Team. We lost 12-17.

Colts A vs Hartmann House. Colts A won 33-26.
Colts C vs Hartmann House Colts C won 29-0.
Colts A & B vs St. Michaels Colts A & B.
Colts A won 49-0
Colts B won 54-5.

Our Grade 4 A & B took part in the St. John’s Festival.
Results were:
Grade 4A:
Vs Eaglesvale won 15-0
Vs Gateway won 10-0
Vs Lilfordia won 10-5
Vs Hartmann House drew 0-0

Grade 4B:
Vs Gateway B drew 5-5
Vs St. Michaels drew 5-5
Vs Maranatha drew 5-5
Vs Heritage drew 5-5.

Grade 3 A & C vs Lilfordia grade 3A & B
Grade 3A won 28-0
Grade 3C lost 17-0

Grade 3A vs Hartmann House. St. John’s won 20-5
Grade B vs St. Michaels. St. John’s won 35-5

Our 1st Team Rugby took part in the Ruzawi 7a-side Rugby/Soccer Festival.

Vs Ruzawi lost 15-10
Vs Heritage lost 10-0
Vs Gateway lost 15-0

Vs Ruzawi won 4-1
Vs Heritage won 2-0
Vs Gateway won 1-0

Tied on 9 points with Gateway and Heritage. Gateway went through to the finals due more tries scored.


Our 1st Team played against Hellenic. We won 8-0.

Colts A-D played against Twin Rivers Colts. The results were:
Colts A won 2-1
Colts B lost 3-6
Colts C lost 1-4
Colts D lost 0-2

All our Hockey Teams played against Ruzawi.
1st team drew 1-1
2nd team lost 0-1
3rd team won 2-0
Colts A lost 1-5
Colts B lost 3-6
Colts C lost 0-4
Colts D drew 0-0
Colts E won 2-0


Our soccer teams played against St. Michaels.
1st Team won 2-1
2nd Team won 2-0
Colts A won 2-0
Colts B won 4-0.

Grade 3 Bundesliga vs Sharon.
Bundesliga A won 1-0
Bundesliga B won 2-0.

Our Grade 2’s had their annual fixture against St. Michaels.
Grade 2s: Game 1 won 2-0
Game 2 drew 0-0
Garde 2N: Game 1 won 1-0
Game 2 won 1-0
Garde 2E Game 1 lost 0-3
Game 2 drew 0-0
Well done Boys!


Our A team took part at St. Georges tournament. We came 1st overall.
Best junior boy was Reilly Masterson.
Runner up Junior Boy: Zach Summers.