Early Childhood Development Centre

“A happy environment where children love to learn”

At SJP ECD Centre we aim to provide a fun and nurturing learning environment that promotes children’s independence, well-being and development, in a supportive and respectful partnership with children and their families. We encourage an open line of communication between staff and parents as believe that the home school link is valuable. We believe in child-centred education where learning through play forms the basis for our children to become active and independent learners. We aim always to provide a happy, calm and secure environment where children can explore, investigate, reflect and try things out with confidence.

How the ECD is run

A happy environment where children love to learn

We plan each day to ensure that the boys develop their self-esteem and self-worth and are exposed to a wide range of activities that aid their learning. We believe that a child’s first learning experience outside the home should be interesting, challenging and joyful experience in a safe environment, where they feel confident to try new things and explore their own ideas.

The early years of education lay the foundations necessary for children to become confident in themselves as learners for their whole lives, and therefore we aim to provide a positive first experience.

In Grade 00 we have two classes with 18 children in each and in Grade 0 we have two classes of 22 children each. There is one Teacher and one Teaching Assistant allocated to each class. As the Head of SJP ECD I spend time in every class monitoring the teaching and I take one lesson per class every week.

We provide a broad and balanced enquiry based curriculum which seeks to enable children to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually and morally. Apart from the activities conducted at the ECD, we have Music, Physical Education and Shona lessons with the Prep School staff. This encourages an easy transition to the Prep School for Grade 1.

In a nutshell, SJP ECD is a happy environment where children love to learn.

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