“The Lord is our shepherd”

Founded in 1986, St John’s College is a leading independent secondary school in Zimbabwe. The College admits boys from the age of 12 to 18 and formerly offered a limited number of sixth form places for girls in the International Baccalaureate programme.

How the COLLEGE is run

Traditional Values – 21st century thinking

The Parent Liaison Committee (‘PLC’)

These elected bodies represent the parent body of each respective school and provide the opportunity for continual liaison between the Headmaster and parents and to grow community spirit within the school. More specifically the PLC’s mandate is:-

  • to afford better communication between the School and the Board of Governors and parents, and to foster interest in the affairs of the School amongst parents;
  • to make suggestions for improvements;
  • to assist the Headmaster in matters of mutual interest;
  • to allocate funds raised for the School by Grade 5 parents in conjunction with the Headmaster.

The PLC runs bar and catering facilities at school events, co-ordinates form functions, sporting functions where necessary and endeavours to raise funds which can be used for various items specifically requested by the School.

The PLC welcomes your feed back and any suggestions you may have.

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