“Where words fail, music speaks” Hans Christian Andersen

The extra-curricular programme at St John’s Prep covers broad range of cultural subjects and skills.

The arts are well represented, with a vibrant Art Club. The members explore a range of techniques and media, creating pieces of art in two and three dimensions and covering many topics including making models of natural objects, figure drawing, portraiture, printing and linear perspective.

Library club is a safe haven for busy boys to take some down time and read. Often boys will play word-related games such as scrabble, make beautiful crafts and make use of the research books in the library to aid in projects or other clubs.

Boys can learn strategic planning in Chess Club. They can also explore basic fundamentals of architecture and engineering in Lego club. As well as, the building blocks of computers and robots in Computer coding and Robotics Club.

The cultural aspect of St John’s Prep is growing with the new addition of the Music Department. The Drama Club, famous for its plays and confident members, moulds boys into gentlemen with good rapport and builds the public speaking ability of less confident boys.

Debate Club is a safe space for boys to learn how to argue effectively, air out views and learn to see both sides of the coin. Interesting topics are debated which hones an appreciation of general knowledge and the willingness to keep up with current affairs. This year, St John’s Prep
seniors were invited to debate with the St John’s College MUN (Model United Nations club). The College pupils were surprised by the depth of knowledge and lateral thinking of our debaters and entertain quite an interesting debate.

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