With guidance from the World Health Organization, the Zimbabwean Government and Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education have outlined several rulings and Standard Operating Procedures, which are to be followed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In accordance with the above, the St. John’s Trust Schools undertake to implement the various rulings by:

  1. Testing all members of staff belonging to the College Faculty for COVID-19 using C19 Rapid Testing kits;
  2. Preparing the campus to ensure social distancing can be maintained by staff and students;
  3. Establishing and maintaining sanitisation facilities throughout campus; and
  4. Enforcing the wearing of masks.


Assisting the St. John’s Trust Schools is the team from Ecomark Limited and Ecomed Manufacturing, who have worked with the First Aid Department to develop comprehensive protocols and procedures. Ecomed has supplied the College with cleaning, sanitisation and disinfecting materials that have been tested and approved by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe. The products are environmentally safe, non-toxic and contain low allergen properties. The cleaning and disinfecting procedures on the College campus are as follows:

  • Classrooms, the Science and Computer Laboratories, Music Centre, Library, all corridors, railings and communal areas will be disinfected twice daily.
  • Toilets, ablution blocks and changing rooms will have a dedicated custodian for cleaning and disinfection of toilet areas and basins. PPE for the custodians and check lists will be provided.
  • Covered disposal bins will be placed at strategic points around the campus and used cleaning materials and tissues will be removed daily and disposed of safely.


  • Masks, whether disposable or washable, must always be worn by students and staff.
  • All students and staff must adhere strictly to the daily sanitisation protocols before entering campus: temperature checks, sanitisation of hands and shoes, and walking through the sanitisation tunnel.
  • Hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds will be encouraged. All students will also be provided with bottles of hand sanitizer, which they will be required to carry with them and use frequently throughout the day. Hand sanitiser stations have been placed around the campus.
  • Signage has been placed in clearly visible areas encouraging social distancing, hand washing and good respiratory hygiene; demarcating the one-way traffic system in the corridors; and identifying the hand sanitiser stations and disposable bins.
  • Students will walk single file and in one direction only.
  • Classrooms have been re-arranged so that there are no more than 25 desks in a classroom, and they are positioned one metre apart on all sides.
  • Classes with more than 25 students will be taught in larger venues such as the Hall.
  • Before every class, students’ hands will be sprayed with hand sanitizer by the teacher before they enter the classroom.
  • Teachers will teach with classroom doors and windows open.
  • Students must not share textbooks or stationery, and movement around the classroom will be limited.
  • Any person displaying symptoms of COVID-19, flu, cold, or generally feeling unwell MUST not come to school.
  • Students and teachers who have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 infected person must stay at home for 14 days.
  • Parents dropping off their children are encouraged not to assemble in the car park.
  • Parents and visitors will not be allowed on campus unless by appointment. Those entering the campus will be required to use the hand sanitiser provided, walk through the sanitisation tunnel and foot bath, and have their temperatures taken.
  • The Front Office and Bursars Office have safety screens and hand sanitiser in place.


Forms 4, Lower 6 and Upper 6 students will attend school every day from Monday 14th September till Tuesday 6th October after which they will go on study leave. The Green and White Timetable will not be implemented due to the lack of time available before the start of Cambridge examinations.


ARRIVAL (6:45 – 7:10 a.m.)
Upon arrival at school, Form 4 and L6 students will have their temperatures checked, hands sanitised and will walk through the sanitisation booth at the Burnett Gate. L6 and U6 students using the U6 carpark will go through the same procedure by the Music Centre.

If students arrive before 6:45 a.m. the guards will be responsible for ensuring they walk through the sanitisation booth and have their temperatures checked, after which they must wait in the Main Quad. U6 students who arrive before 6:45 a.m. must wait in their cars until staff are ready to take their temperatures.

REGISTRATION (7:10 – 7:20 a.m.)
Once sanitized, students must go straight to the following venues for Registration:

  • F4 – benches in front of the Hall
  • L6 – Pool
  • U6 – Basketball Courts

Students must always walk in single file and in one direction only following the green arrows. To ensure passages are kept open, cases and bags are not to left along corridors and must be carried with students into their classrooms.

All 6th Form privileges regarding corridors are suspended to help facilitate the one-way flow of traffic in the corridors. 6th Form students are not allowed in the Study Centre or Prefect Common Room during their study periods but must spend this time on the basketball courts where they will be supervised by members of staff.

BREAKTIME (10:00 – 1035 a.m.)
Students must assemble in the following designated areas:

  • U6 – Basketball courts (accessed via the Art Block stairs)
  • L6 – Pool (accessed via the Art Block stairs and ramp near the Library)
  • F4 – Honey A (accessed via the corridor by the ablution block and Mr Mariani’s office)

Students are not to play any sports during breaktime, and they must sit or stand one metre apart at all times. They must not share food or drinks. Staff will monitor all areas. The Tuck Shop will serve food from three locations for the different year groups during breaktime and lunch. The U6 will be served from the basketball court gazebo, the L6 will be served from the pavilion at the pool, and F4 will be served from the Tuck Shop. Social distancing while queuing must be maintained.

Afternoon lessons and practicals will be compulsory for students and will follow a Timetable, which has been emailed to parents. No sports and clubs will take place.

Students must be collected as soon as their afternoon lessons are finished. If students cannot be picked up at these times, they will be allowed to sit in the Hall only. They will not be allowed to socialise with friends at the Burnett Gate or any other areas of the school or play sport on the fields.

The detailed SJET COVID-19 Return-to-School Protocols and Procedures document, prepared by the First Aid Department, can be found on the St. John’s Educational Trust web site: