1st Team vs Twin Rivers

Twin Rivers 76 all out

St John’s 77 for 8

St John’s won by 2 wickets


2nd Team vs Gateway 1st Team

Gateway 101 for 9

St John’s 93 for 6

Peer Lisba 27 runs

St John’s lost by 8 runs


3rd Team vs Lusitania 1st Team

Lucitania 23 all out

Harry Johnson 5 for 10

St John’s 24 for 3

St John’s won by 7 wickets


4th Team vs Twin River 2nd Team

St John’s 120 for 6

Max Oelfke 34 not out

Twin Rivers 121 for 9

Max Oelfke 3 wickets

St John’s lost by 1 wicket


6th Team vs Gateway 3rd Team

Gateway 63 all out

Mathew Johnson 5 wickets

St John’s 65 for 5

Bryce Honiball 33 not out

St John’s won by 5 wickets


Colts A vs Twin Rivers

Twin River 85 for 6

Fergus Dorward 2 for 5

St John’s 86 for 3

Shaylen Parmar 32 not out

St John’s won by 7 wickets


Colts B vs Gateway Colts A

St John’s 80 all out

Gateway 83 for 5

St John’s lost by 5 wickets


Colts D vs Twin Rivers Colts B

St John’s 47 for 3

Twin Rivers 40 all out

Nathan Zvorufura 3 for 1; Unashe Tabengwa 3 for 8 runs; Andrew Manning 3 for 1

St John’s won by 7 runs


Grade 4A vs Gateway Colts B

Gateway 28 all out

Elroy Chigumbura 28 all out

St John’s 29 for 4

  1. John’s won by 6 wickets


Grade 4B vs Gateway Colts C

Gateway 44 for 9

  1. Mhoya 4 wickets; S. Sheth 3 wickets

St John’s 45 for 2

  1. Shonai 22 not out

St John’s won by 8 wickets


Grade 3a vs Lilfordia Grade 3A

Lilfordia 77 for 4

St John’s 77 for 3

St John’s tied the match.


Grade 3B vs Lilfordia Grade 3B

St John’s 52 for 8

Lilfordia 45 for 8

Robert Collocott 4 wickets

St John’s won by 7 runs



Our Swimming team took part in the EPSA A Division gala held at Les Brown Swimming pool on Saturday. The Team did exceptionally well, winning the gala for the 24th year in a row. The results were as follows:

1st Place: St John’s Prep 82 points

2nd Place: Eaglesvale 72 points

3rd Place: Hellenic 60 points

4th Place: Ruzawi 54 points

5th Place: Hartmann House 50 points

6th Place: Gateway 32 points



1st Team played against Bishopslea and Lilfordia .

Against Bishoplea, St. John’s won 12-0 & vs Lilfordia, St. John’s won 12-0.


2nd Team vs Barwick St John’s won 12-0.




1st Team Volleyball lost their first game of the season against Gateway.

1st Team lost 0-2

2nd team won 2-1



Our Chess team took part in the Twin Rives chess tournament. Our boys did very well, winning the Tournament.